Symonds’ Flags & Poles: Our Story

In 1969, Sy Symonds and his grandson first reached new heights of pride with U.S. flags after the unfortunate death of his neighbor’s husband. At the military burial, the wife was presented with a flag. She asked Mr. Symonds, who was known as the Mr. Fix it of the neighborhood if he would please make her a flagpole. Sy decided to call up his grandson Steve Symonds to help him make not one, but two flagpoles. One for the neighbor and one for Mr. Symonds himself. From that point on Mr. Symonds was very passionate about believing everybody needs a flagpole and that it is a very important feature for any home or business. Symonds Flags and Poles Inc. was started from that day forward and has grown and touched the lives of many ever since. We are honored to be in this business and have continued to grow and branch out into other areas such as customizing our own Texas Applique Flags. Steve has also scaled the heights with the world’s largest flags and tallest flagpoles an amazing 10 times.

We continue to design, manufacture, install and service flags and poles of all sizes. We manufacture all our steel flagpoles out of new ASTM A-36 Grade-A steel pipe. Plus, we consistently keep overhead low, with prices lower than any of our competitors. And, we give you next-day attention. Or, if you need your flag in a hurry, we give you same-day service. The bottom line: We guarantee the best products and service at the lowest price.