Sovereignty Flagpole


Stainless steel, cable-based internal halyard flagpoles with many of the same features of the Independence, but in a more cost-friendly format.


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The Sovereignty Flagpole is a stainless steel, cable-based internal halyard flagpoles that have many of the same features of the Independence Flapole but in a more cost friendly format. These flagpoles are only available in flagpoles with a base diameter of 5”, 6” or 7”. Instead of the rotating winch base assembly and welded flush door frame assembly of the independence, the Sovereignty series uses a matched set of inner and outer cast door frame castings as used on the sentry flagpole series.

The frame castings are attached with tamper proof 5/16-18NC stainless steel bolts. The winch mounts securely to the back wall of the flagpole shaft using thick cast aluminum spacer and tamper-proof screws. Since access to the winch is only needed for product maintenance, the door is secured with tamper proof screws. There are many choices including height, base diameter, wall thickness, and finish, please call our offices for more information on the different styles of Sovereignty Flagpoles.

Freight Shipping, Installation charge or Pick up only.

Sovereignty Flagpole variations: Height– 20′ – 40′; Base Diameter– 5″ – 7″; Wall Thickness– 0.156″- 0.188″; Finish– Bronze Anodized, Natural Anodized, Satin & Powder coat: White, Black, Bronze (Light, Medium, Dark) – Contact the office at 214-596-1900 to go over the different styles. $1,725.00 – $3,867.00