Each of our flagpoles is available in one of the following finishes:

  • Satin. Our most popular finish. This is the finish that the shaft receives from its polish. As a bare metal finish, the brightness will soften over time due to the ongoing process of oxidation. Concord offers several finishes to enhance the beauty of the flagpole and slow the oxidation process.
  • Natural Anodized. This process coats the shaft with a chemical treatment using an electrostatic process in a chemical bath. The chemical coating adheres to the metal at the molecular level rather than just adhering to the surface like an enamel paint finish. The Natural Anodized finish is slightly duller than the polished satin finish. In all most all weather conditions, the application of the natural anodized finish can keep a flagpole looking “like new” for a much longer period of time than the Satin Finish.
  • Bronze and Black Duranodic. This process offers the same protective qualities of the Natural Anodized process with the addition of color. Available online architectural colors for use on aluminum flagpoles are Light Bronze, Medium Bronze, or Dark Bronze as well as Black. These are rated as a class I architectural Finish. They can only be removed by chemically stripping the metal or by literally moving a thin layer of metal by abrasive means.

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Patio Flagpole

Lightweight, strong patio flagpole series offers a great value in a non-tapered flagpole. Popular choice for home, apartment landscape, smaller commercial building, cemeteries, etc.


Estate Flagpole

An external halyard flagpole that retains the taper of the larger commercial grade flagpoles with scaled-down proportions. Perfect for any home, apartment or small businesses.


Continental Flagpole

A commercial grade external halyard flagpole that provides the traditional rope based halyard system for raising and lowering the flag.


Sentry Flagpole

Rope-based internal halyard flagpoles developed and perfected by Concord Industries.


Sovereignty Flagpole

Stainless steel, cable-based internal halyard flagpoles with many of the same features of the Independence, but in a more cost-friendly format.

Independence Flagpole

Internal halyard flagpole provides the ultimate security solution to the problem of vandalism with a flush mount door complete with cylinder lock.