Residential and Commercial Flagpole Repair in Dallas, Texas (TX)

US state flags, military flags, and world flags all deserve to be flown from a flagpole that is in good condition. Residential and commercial flag repair and installation in Dallas TX, can make all of your flags look their best. Flags and flag poles take a lot of wear and tear because they are always exposed to the weather. The sun, wind and rain can cause a great deal of damage to flagpoles, making them unsightly and even unsafe in some cases. but:

Flagpoles that are in disrepair look terrible and detract from the beauty of the flag, which of course is bad enough, but when you consider the real consequences it makes sense to get someone out there to repair it. A faulty flagpole can be unsafe because a gust of wind can take it down. It can cause property damage and even leave you open to liability for the damage that it causes. A well-made flagpole can last for years and is always a worthy investment, so it may be time for you to consider getting a replacement instead of repairing the pole that you have.

Fly Your Flag Proudly

Don’t put up with a faulty or unsightly looking flagpole. Fly your flag proudly with the right flagpole and flag. You can get great reliable services for repair and installation from Symonds Flags and Poles. Since the late 1960’s Symonds Flags and Poles have been providing superior services in Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas and helping businesses and homeowners to show their pride.

Symonds Flags and Poles can help get your flagpole in good repair or provide you with a replacement that you can be proud of. Whether you have a new property or an existing property Symonds Flags and Poles can provide you with the services you need. We even offer same day services.